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Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner co-authored the novel

A Gilded Age in 1873. They wrote that the Civil War "uprooted institutions that were centuries old, changed the politics of a people, transformed the social life of half the country, and wrought so profoundly upon the entire national character that the influence cannot be measured short of two or three generations."

The Rappahannock Valley Civil War Round Table was founded in 1989 as an organization open to all people interested in learning about the Civil War and in preserving the hallowed ground where the soldiers fought.  We examine the military, political, social and cultural history of this momentous conflict and its aftermath. We have been a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization since 2012.  We raise funds through dues and events to sponsor National Park Service interns and support battlefield preservation.

We hold a monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month which features dinner, a speaker, a short business meeting, occasional raffles and time to socialize with your friends. Social time begins at 6:00, optional dinner at 6:45 and the meeting at 7:30.



The Drums and the Bugles on our logo signify the calling together of our members, as in the Civil War the troops were summoned by drum rolls and bugle calls.


The flags, in order from left to right, are:

1. Flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia

2. Flag of the United States of America

3. First National Flag of the Confederate States of America ("The Stars and Bars")

4. Battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia

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